Official Ray Path Healing Technique Phase One Workshop!


The Angelic approach to healing, clearing and integrating the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Would you like to safely explore working with the angelic realms?

Would you like to deepen your ability to receive clear guidance from the angels?

Would you like to be able to give and receive angelic healing as a spiritual life aid tool, when going through life transitions and making important life decisions? 

Would you like to work more deeply with the angels for cleansing the auric field and strengthening the aura (personal boundaries)?

Would you like to gently hone your inner vision and intuitive energy perceiving skills?

Then, this workshop is definitely for you!

This workshop covers in detail through oral, practical and guided visualisation: 

  • Working with Archangels of the Ray Path Healing techniques; Zadkiel, Gabriel and Raphael
  • How to work with the Archangels for healing, transmuting and personal guidance
  • Angelically cleansing the central channel
  • Sending and receiving angelic energy globes
  • Working with the angelic grounding prayer
  • Exploring the newly channelled and powerful antahkarana mantra prayer!

And much more! 
No prior energy therapy experience needed. Once this official class has been attended you will have all the tools to need to continue with progressing through all of the phase one techniques. A fully illustrated student technique manual will be given to you as part of the class fee. 
After three months of continued practice at home with the phase one techniques, you can then enquire about phase two classes. 

The Ray Path Healing Phase One Technique Class Details

Currently this workshop is held online on demand. Ray Path Healing phase one classes are offered one on one or for groups when requested. 

Location/Event link: to be arranged as part of the booking request. This workshop can be facilitated as a full day workshop (10am to 5pm) or over two 3-hour classes. 

Cost: €120 per person including fully illustrated instruction manual, a €50 deposit is required to hold your place. 

Contact: Chloe Folan directly for all bookings and enquiries:

Irish Mobile +353 (0)83 800 3809
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.