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The Sanctuary Centre is located across the road from the Euro Spa shop. This is a full day certified workshop. Cost €150. Lunch is not included. Light refreshments will be provided. €50 non refundable deposit is required to hold your place. Chloe will only be taking a maximum of 9 people for this workshop. 

Class Materials: you will receive a fully illustrated 26 page Integrated Energy Therapy® Basic Level Guide and an official Integrated Energy Therapy® Basic Level Certificate.

Please contact Chloe Folan on 083 8003809 or pm to book your place. Chloe is a fully certified IET Master Instructor.

Basic Level IET Class – works at the 1st (physical) and 2nd (emotional) pair of the 12 Strand DNA and provides students with the ability to clear physical and emotional energy blockages from the cellular memory and leave in their place positive physical and emotional energy imprints.

Further information about this 1 day certified class;

Basic Attunement: You will receive a special Basic Level “energy attunement” that will permanently open your energy field to the power of Integrated Energy Therapy® Basic level ray. Our Basic Level attunement expands, realigns, and restructures the 1st pair (physical) and 2nd pair (emotional) of your 12 Strand DNA. Once attuned to the Basic Level IET Ray, you will have the ability to clear cellular memory of physical and emotional blockages.

Angelic Heartlinks: Integrated Energy Therapy® is known as “Healing with the Energy of Angels”. You will learn to access the energy of angels through a simple yet powerful process that we call a Heartlink.

Prerequisites: This is the IET entry-level class and there are no prerequisites required for attendance at this class. IET workshops are appropriate for teenagers to attend and train in as well, with parental consent.