“I am self-aware,
I am understanding,
I am expressing my service,
I am giving and receiving love,
I am applying knowledge,
I am living authentically,
I am fully conscious,
I am love and wisdom in action.”

The antahkarana mantra is a prayer that was channelled by Chloe Folan as she deepened her expertise in the meditative science of building the light body. This prayer was observed and re-worked until perfected from a point of view of proper and healthy causation. This prayer has the same unifying and healing effect on all who say this mantra on a daily basis.

The antahkarana mantra is a prayer that strengthens the connection to antahkarana threads that are already woven and gently stimulates the divine blue-print for the threads that have not yet fully re-woven. 

Stimulating and weaving these threads aids with the process of building the rainbow bridge (the light body), by bridging gaps in consciousness between our higher and lower selves (personality and soul). 

If you would like to explore the power of this new channelled mantra in deeper detail, this mantra is an excerpt from the workshop, Ray Path Healing Phase One.

Please see the link here to my website for more information;

I look forward to hearing from you and I hope you enjoy the benefits of this deeply unifying mantra. 

I am also hoping to facilitate a group workshop on this technique in December of this year. Details to follow soon. 

However, you can book this workshop one on one with me before then.

Booking details are here: https://www.chloefolan.com/healing/ray-path-healing/phase-one-workshop


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