Blessing Technique Workshop

During this workshop we will explore:

• Identifying blockages in the chakras and learn what effect those blockages could be having in your everyday life

• Learn techniques through creative visualisation, colour and prayer for how to cleanse those blockages

• Learn about the 9 main chakras and there importance in everyday life and activities.

• Learn about angelic symbols that bless the chakras and support unity within and around you.

What is particularly enjoyable, is this workshop focuses on meditative and visualisation techniques for creating unity internally within you, those around you and with your external environment. While this workshop is essentially about cleansing the chakras and strengthening the auric field, this workshop focuses on meditative ways to experience more unity, calm and peace within and around you. If this workshop is calling to you and you would like more information, please contact me on (I currently only have 4 places left at this workshop);

Irish Mobile +353 (0)83 800 3809

Direct link to my website for more information: