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These flawless techniques were created by the late Josephine and Norman Stevens in the 1960s.

The Phase One techniques were meticulously tested by the Stevens for over 10 years in private proto-type groups before being internationally and globally publicly released.

Ever since then, these techniques have globally benefited everyone who has utilized these techniques for over 40 years. These techniques are safe, flawless and have the same clearing effect on all who utilize the techniques properly and methodically. These techniques work on many levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), where other techniques are flawed.

The Phase One technique class focuses on the creative visualisation steps for methodically healing and widening the central vertical channel. This allows the chakras to move into place in the body properly which has the following benefits:

· Clarity of thought.

· Clearer inspirations.

· Better ability to ground ideas and ground your energy in general.

· Better personal inner alignment, which allows for you to handle your everyday affairs with better emotional and mental thought processes.

· Allows for an organic flowering of extra sensory gifts (clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy etc).

· Healthily enforces evolution by properly building the light body (stages of building the rainbow bridge).

You will be taught how to effectively link with your soul star to clear and purify the central vertical channel of unhealthy thought- forms, imprints and blockages that cause issue with communication between the major and minor chakras.

You will also be taught mantras and prayers that help with daily inspiration, guidance and assist with everyday living and occurrences.

No prior energy therapy or meditation experience is required. Once this official Rainbow Bridge phase one class has been attended, you will have all the tools you need to continue with progressing through all of the phase one techniques.

It takes approximately 4 months of continued practice at home to complete all of the Rainbow Bridge Phase One techniques. You can then enquire about phase two classes.

Currently classes are provided via Skype or Zoom either one on one with Chloe Folan or for groups if requested. Rainbow Bridge Phase One classes cost €120 per person and can be provided in full one day format or split into two half day classes over two days.

Please contact her directly to make a booking or further enquires:



Contact number: 083 8003809

Rainbow Bridge Phase One Technique Class Details:

Next year in 2022 Chloe will be facilitating an online group Rainbow Bridge phase one workshop via Zoom. This class will be split over two half day classes. The first class will focus on all aspects of phase 1a, healing the central channel in stages. The second class will focus on phase 1b, widening the central channel and other useful Rainbow Bridge related techniques.

Payment in full will need to be made at least two weeks before the first class. Once payment in full has been made, you will receive the student instruction manual and Zoom links.


First half of the phase one class:


Time: 3pm to 6pm Irish Time zone

Date: March 12th 2022

Location/Event link: Via Zoom

Second half of the phase one class:


Time: 3pm to 6pm Irish Time zone

Date: June 11th 2022

Location/Event link: Via Zoom

Cost: €120, a €50 deposit is required to hold your place (deposit is nonrefundable).


Contact Chloe to book in directly for this group online workshop or for further queries:




Contact number: 083 8003809