Building the Rainbow Bridge

The “book” has now taken on a life of its own. It has morphed into multiple successful international and fully certified personal and spiritual development courses, classes and metaphysical teacher training courses.

Some extracts from the book were also professionally edited and released on my website.

As continuing work and expansions have been made, it occurred to me that my predecessors with Rainbow Bridge work always released mini booklets choc full of amazing insights and information, then if you wanted to know more, for a normal book price you would then purchase the full book.

It has always been an inspiration of mine to release a book. Part of that dream has now come to fruition.

A professional editor has co-written an introduction for me for the pdf booklet that I have released for free on my website. The full book is still being edited and added too but timing is definitely right for the public release of the free pdf booklet.

The booklet is the definitive guide on antahkarana thread weaving, building the light body and how that process happens in detail. I am a leading expert in this field of expertise. No one else has ever been able to explain this process properly and in such practicle detail.

No proper or clear information existed on antahkarana thread weaving until I started releasing that information publicly many years ago through readings, workshops and articles. Unfortunate copying and plagiarism of my work has been occurring ever since.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions:

The free pdf booklet is available on my website under the tab: Building the Rainbow Bridge. Click on that tab and you will be brought to the introduction article with the free pdf booklet located at the end of that article. Direct link is here:

Free videos on antahkarana thread weaving and explaining the booklet in more detail are available on my YouTube channel. A playlist is available here: Antahkarana Thread Weaving Playlist


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