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These techniques safely help clear and build the Central Channel and clear obstructing internal and external patterns. Chloe credits this technique with giving her, her biggest spiritual growth spurt to date and continues to do so. 

For those not familiar with the Rainbow Bridge Techniques and would like more information please click on the following link: This is Dr. Ronald Tiggles’ website. He is continuing the work that Josephine and Norman Stevens started. 

Workshops are held in Ireland. Please see for information, or click on the Workshops tab option on this website. 

For those who practice this technique, Chloe offers clairvoyant readings. Chloe has extended perception and is able to view the aura, including the Soul Star, in person or over the phone. For those not practicing the Rainbow Bridge Techniques, Chloe does offer general esoteric aura readings as well to suit the needs of the individual seeking the reading. Chloe can also see clairvoyantly which prayers, mantras and energetic protective techniques best suit the individual who is using them. 

If you are unsure if an esoteric aura reading is right for your needs, please feel free to contact Chloe first with your queries before booking an appointment. Chloe gives full permission for her readings to be recorded. Below is outlined what is included in a reading. At the end of readings given, Chloe is open to questions an individual might have in relation to their development and progress. 

For Phase One People Chloe is able to offer the following

Central channel check (approximately how wide it is and if it is built down to the Earth Star). Central channel checking also incudes which areas of the channel are experiencing the most healing and the effect this can have on the individual. Also the color present in the channel and the significance of this. 
Feed back on someone’s spiritual gifts and how they are developing. 
The dominant aura color present (the personality Ray) and the significance of this. 
Feed back on the current condition of the aura layers and energy centers. Usually the first three bodies are the most significant for the individual; physical, emotional and mental. 
Feed back on your Soul Star (color/vibration present in the Soul Star). 
If you are astrally or mentally polarized or of mental orientation and how this effects you. 

For Phase Two People

Same as Phase One reading with the following included

Feed back on how the internal and external patterns are thinning. Chloe is able to see in detail, which internal and external patterns are breaking down or have been removed. 
If you have built to the Soul, Spiritual Triad or Monad.
The threads of the antahkarana (Rainbow Bridge).This includes which threads are built, being built and the energetic effects this has on the individual. 
The development of the Heart centre petals. 
Your Soul Ray, or the Ray being utilized by the Soul with effects this has on the individual. 

To book a consultation, or for an appointment

please contact Chloe on 087 3129787 or e-mail:
Chloe is also available through Skype: chloe.folan
Irish landline number: will be given on request once a booking has been made
Facebook: Chloe Folan - Clairvoyant

Please note that sessions are by appointment only!

Please feel free to download a copy of Rainbow Bridge Phase One below.

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