Conscious Living Course
Conscious Living Course

Conscious Living: How to anchor thought forms

Workshop Syllabus and Synopsis

Conscious Living: How to anchor thought forms

This workshop is for those who are minimum at monadic thread level of development (advanced meditators).

This is an advanced workshop for those already using advanced clearing techniques and have either removed all of their external patterns/complexes (external karmic imbalance) and are only working on the bits of internal patterns left or clearing original trauma points or refining hormone reactions in the body.

In other words, everyone attending is either stage 4,5, 6 or 7 of Rainbow Bridge building. Please see link here on stages of building the rainbow bridge (building the light body): Stages of building the Rainbow Bridge


Conscious Living is a four-day in person training event (or taught online over eight 2-hour classes) for advanced clearing students only. This course teaches you to confidently select, pick, hold and manifest thought forms in any area of life (goals, ideals, situations etc).

At the end of this workshop with all the skills and knowledge you will practice and be taught, you will either fully realise something is not happening in your life because:

1) There is no permission (within your highest good) for a goal to be pursued.

2) Timing is not right.

3) Or you just don’t really want (on some level) what you have permission to co-create.


After this workshop course and with practice you will never again wonder why something has not or did not happen for you (while fully realizing that you cannot control everything in your life). You will also have increased confidence in your ability to make what is right for you occur in your life, whether it is a small short-term goal or big long-term goal.

Aims of this workshop course:

  • Teaching scientific visualisation techniques.

  • Teaching creation of scientific vision boards.

  • Teaching how to pick, select, hold and ground thought forms.

  • How to create a magickal path.

  • How to resolve points of tension or inner conflict (crossed conditions).

  • Teaching the basics of ceremony work for grounding thought forms.

  • Teaching how to manifest just from the plane of the mind (just from stable consistent thought and action).


Time and Date:

To be arranged and organised with Chloe Folan directly. This workshop can either be taught over four days or online through eight two-hour classes. This workshop is available one on one or for groups.



The investment for this workshop course is €640 total including student manual booklets, handouts and CPD certificate of attendance. A €100 deposit is required to hold your workshop booking and is non-refundable.

Alternatively mini two-hour classes can be requested which are charged at €80 per class. Please enquire:

083 8003809

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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