Advanced Rainbow Bridge Techniques Workshop
Advanced Rainbow Bridge Techniques Workshop

Advanced Rainbow Bridge Techniques Workshop

What this workshop is for and about:

With Rainbow Bridge Phase One Work, we are actively invoking the soul to aid in our channel healing work. This clears out stress points in the central channel and creates a better line of communication between the major and minor energy centres located along the channel. With Rainbow Bridge Phase Two Work, we are actively invoking the soul to heal internal and external patterns that create hindrances to personality and soul union, as well as cause excessive physical, emotional and mental reactions to the horizontal environment that can cause health problems as well as other undesirable states of Being. The effectiveness of the Rainbow Bridge Techniques is backed up by the finding of Quantum Physics. It is stated that a problem cannot be solved on the same level it was created. It must be solved on and from a ‘higher’ level. This is exactly how the Rainbow Bridge Techniques work. You are invoking the Soul, which resides on the 5 th plane, to heal miss- creations created and experienced on the 1st , 2nd , 3rd and 4th kingdoms of existence. You are actively taking responsibility for your own healing utilizing these techniques.

The Rainbow Bridge Monadic Thread Meditation seeks this healing from a level higher than that of the Soul. This healing is invoked from Monad via the antahkarana (Rainbow Bridge). Monad resides in the 7th layer of the human aura. This is the level of pure Spirit. This is a powerful level of healing to seek and invoke. This is why it is important that Monadic thread meditation is not done or practiced by someone who has not done or followed the Phase One and Two Rainbow Bridge healing work. These preceding phases (One and Two) create a better and wider channel to draw and invoke this Monadic energy down from. Phase Two work clears the physical, emotional and mental vehicles of the heavy external patterns (the cage), before pure Spirit is invoked on purpose, in this Monadic Thread way, for further deeper internal healing. Of course, continued Phase Two work also clears and heals the patterns closer to the physical body as well as internal patterns. The Monadic Thread technique speeds up the healing and resolution of internal patterns and complexes that by nature can be harder to remove. This technique also continues to build the light body by the weaving of the monadic threads, integrating your triad and anchoring the monadic spark in the heart chakra.

If you wish to be taught the Monadic Thread techniques, this consists of three, three our classes via Zoom over three months. Cost of this workshop is €180 per person and includes a full instruction manual and class recordings. At the moment these classes are only available on-line via Skype or Zoom through Chloe Folan.

Chloe will be hosting an online Monadic Thread Workshop in 2023, taught over three, three hour Zoom workshops on the following dates; The first class will be on Friday, June 9th from 4pm to 7pm. The second class will be on Friday, July 7th from 4pm to 7pm. The third class will be on Friday, August 11th from 4pm to 7pm. All classes are in the Irish time zone and via Zoom.

She will only take a maximum of 10 people for this private online workshop. Please contact her soon, if you wish to reserve a place. You may also attend this workshop as a refresher event for the Monadic thread techniques.

Please contact her to arrange a booking:

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