Chloe Folan - Clairvoyant
Chloe Folan - Clairvoyant

Upcoming Rainbow Bridge Phase Two Technique Workshops.

The purification of Phase Two Rainbow Bridge Technique work results in the following permanent benefits:

You no longer have a permanent barrier around you which modifies communication from and to you.

The low vibration energies which are a channel for infection are removed.

Suggestions of low self-esteem and failure are no longer stimulated.

Your body ages more slowly and your health is enhanced because the flow of life force (prana) through the body and aura is no longer obstructed by energy, emotional and mental blockages.

The main channel for uncontrolled emotional response is removed - as is quick response to emotionalism from others.

The heavy karmic influence of ancient thought forms and mistakes are eliminated.

You will have an increased capacity to invoke and retain the light of the Soul.

You will find it easier to recognize your companions on the Path, the ones you are destined to work with.

You will move rapidly into awareness of the consciousness of your Soul. Common culturally based labels for this universal state of higher consciousness are "Christ consciousness" in the west, and "Atma (Self) consciousness" or "the Buddha Mind," or "the mind of enlightenment (bodhichitta)" in the east.

By building the central channel, you will be of service to the Masters of the Planetary Hierarchy and to the planet by becoming anchor points for the transmission of vital energies that will purify the planet and accelerate the externalization of the Hierarchy.

Telepathy and the higher psychic powers of the Initiate will begin to develop. Djwhal Khul has said that "--the powers of the Initiate are gained not from any study but by changes in the etheric vehicle." The Rainbow Bridge techniques make changes in the etheric, emotional and mental bodies to accelerate this process.

This workshop covers the two types of Rainbow Bridge Phase Two Technique work and include:

1) The original line form clearing method

2) The alternative disc method

3) The 12 Virtues of the Heart Meditation

In 2023 the phase two workshops will be held online via Zoom over three, three hour classes:

Class One: Saturday, June 17th

Class Two: Saturday, July 15th

Class Three: Saturday, August 19th

All three classes will be from 4pm to 7pm Irish time zone.

Class cost is €160 total, including class recordings, student instruction manual and certificate of attendance.

Please contact Chloe to pre-book your place if you are interested as places do book up quickly.

You must have properly completed Rainbow Bridge Phase One to avail of these classes.


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