Aura Portraits by Chloe Folan
Aura Portraits by Chloe Folan

Color Plate Booklets (Aura Portraits)

As an artist and Clairvoyant, Chloe Folan is able to provide color plates or aura portraits for people. Usually these booklets are requested by Rainbow Bridge Technique practitioners, as part of their aura reading, reflecting their clearing process. Chloe does however, provide these color plates to anyone interested in how they are Clairvoyantly perceived, at the time of their reading.

Color Plate Booklet includes

  • The current state of the central channel
  • The threads of the central channel that are being woven
  • The Rays and colors within the aura, soul star, Triad, Monad and your potential Ray Path 
  • Internal and external patterns 
  • Development of the heart centre petals

Cost: €350 which includes the cost of a Rainbow Bridge or Esoteric Aura reading. This price also includes cost of registered postage and packaging, once aura plates have been completed. 

The booklets consist of 4-6 original plates showing different aura phenomena, as well as explaination sheets. Due to the level of detail in each booklet and each plate, it can take 2 months to receive your booklet in the post, after your reading appointment. 

Esoteric Aura readings are provided via Skype, phone or in person.

Chloe manages her own bookings and queries. Please contact her direct on 083 800 3809

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.