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Rainbow Bridge Technique Phase One Workshop 

Date - This workshop is available as an online one on one class via Skype. This workshop class can be taught in a one day class (5 hours approximately) or broken up over two days if preferred. Once you have contacted Chloe to organise a time and date for your class and prepayment is made to hold your class booking, you will be emailed the workshop manual.

Description: The Rainbow Bridge Techniques are split into two phases. Because the first phase of the Rainbow Bridge Techniques works on clearing and widening the central channel, there are two parts to this phase: Phase 1a: clearing the central channel and Phase 1b: widening the central channel. Completing all of Phase One properly takes three to four months to achieve. Once all of Phase One has been completed properly, it is recommended that the Daily Centring and Aligning technique be used to maintain the clear and wide state of the central channel.

The second phase, or Phase Two, works on healing and resolving karmic imbalances (both external and internal patterns).

It is very important to remember when you start Phase 1a that you do not stop part way through the process. Phase 1a takes eleven to twelve weeks to complete. As you work on healing your central channel condition, do not take big breaks between the healing stages. Consider your central channel to be like a gutter on your house. You cannot replace one part of blocked guttering and not the rest and expect water to flow properly and be drained off your house. If there is a blocked gutter problem, that is to say, you cannot just widen or fix one part and expect the rest to flow. You must replace all the guttering properly. Once you start phase 1a, you must complete phase 1a properly without breaks in your channel clearing process. If you wish to stop or take a break after phase 1a, however, you can do this. You can stop or take a break at any stage of Phase 1b (widening) or any stage of Phase Two.

Please start Phase One of the Rainbow Bridge Techniques, therefore, only when you know you can allocate the right amount of time and proper dedication to using the techniques properly. These techniques are proper karmic imbalance-resolving techniques. They work the same for everyone, regardless of gender or race. Because the techniques work so well for resolving unhealed karmic imbalances, it is important to use them correctly.

This one day workshop outlines in detail the techniques of Phase One. The Phase One techniques have many benefits if followed properly. Even though this phase is a preparation phase for deeper personal clearing work, if you complete this phase, you will have achieved a milestone in your life.

”The most important construction job anyone will ever undertake is to build this Central Channel through which spiritual energies can flow and begin their redemptive work. This channel has been called by various names by different teachers and systems – the rod or staff, the middle pillar, the axis, the rainbow bridge, the Antahkarana. Ultimately, this channel forms the link between highest spirit and lowest matter.”  - Rainbow Bridge 2, Link with the Soul, p. 98

Workshop fee for this class that includes guided meditation as part of what is taught as well as fully illustrated manual is €120.

If you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact Chloe obligation free: or 083 800 3809.

Location: Loughrea, Co.Galway, Ireland 

Please contact me at 083 800 3809

Blessings, Chloe ✨