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Tarot Card Consultations!

Through this form of divination, Chloe is able to provide very diverse readings. Tarot cards are rich in symbology and can give very direct and revealing information about the person being read for, in all aspects of their life.

The following is a list of queries suited to this type of reading, given via the medium of tarot cards:

Relationship queries (with partner or family members)

Finances and abundance

Career guidance

Life Path direction and general queries about the persons own journey and direction in life (overview readings).

Please feel free to contact Chloe first, if you have any additional queries about tarot card consultations.

To book a consultation please contact Chloe through her contact form on her website: Contact Form

Or please contact her on her Irish mobile number (she is located in Ireland): +353 (0)83 800 3809

Other details: At the moment Chloe’s Tarot guidance consultations are only available via Zoom, Skype or Phone. The exchange fee is €70. Readings are approximately 1 hour in length. Readings can be recorded on request.

As part of your reading, you are guided through a quick opening meditation to cleanse and align energies and energy pathways first. There is a short grounding mediation at the end as well, to ground clarity and your choices/intentions.

I look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with opening and accessing healthier lifepath timelines!

Blessings, Chloe

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Irish Mobile +353 (0)83 800 3809

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