Golden Atlantis Online
Golden Atlantis Online

Golden Atlantis mini workshop classes available online!


These bespoke and professional classes are given in two hour sessions once a month (or once every two months).

These are personal and spiritual development courses. 


  • To deepen your intuition 
  • To hone your card interpretation abilities and skills 
  • Tap into your impression reading abilities 
  • Develop and manifest your life path 
  • Deepen your abilities to work with and connect with crystals 
  • Soul retrieval related to your past Atlantis life times 

What is covered:

  • Raising your vibration
  • Creating heart centred awareness 
  • Manifesting and healing with crystals
  • 11 minute heart centre mediation with the four Atlantis crystals
  • Healing in Atlantis; exploring the forgiveness decree (forgiveness ceremony)
  • Working with the Gold, Silver and Violet Flame
  • Connecting with the High Priests and Priestesses of Atlantis for past life integration and manifesting your Life Path.
  • Deepening your intuitive skills through being taught the basics of giving an Atlantis Card Reading and much more! 

If all classes and material are covered you will be awarded a CPD certificate, that you can ad to your professional spiritual portfolio. 

These classes are currently only given one on one by Chloe Folan directly. 

You will need:

- A working internet connection and Zoom or Skype account. 

- Atlantis Card deck or other card deck of choice. Choose wisely. Once you have picked your card deck, that is the deck you must work with through all classes given. It is important to stick with one deck to work with deepening and honing your intuition and impression reading skills. 

Classes cost €80 per class and are given one on one unless group online work is requested. You can take as many or as few classes as you like. Everyone’s needs vary slightly with this course. Due to this between 6 to 8 classes are usually taken. 

Classes are given once every two months and there are developmental exercises given that need to be practiced in between. 

All classes consist of meditation, visualisation, theory, deepening your connection to your chosen card deck and practicing different card spread layouts. As you progress with classes you will be asked to practice your card reading skills. Case studies are encouraged but not mandatory as some people like to take these classes for personal development only (not professional reasons or public client work). 

For further information, queries or questions please contact Chloe:

Chloe ✨
(c) Chloe Folan - Clairvoyant 
Irish Mobile +353 (0)83 800 3809
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