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Distance Clearings

Distance Clearings: Once there has been an initial consultation on what needs to be addressed with an individual’s clearing session, a time is booked so the person is aware of when the distance clearing is being done.

At the end of all distance clearing sessions a report is sent with feedback over what was found, worked on and any further healing or realignment suggestions.

Distance clearings can be booked for individual or family needs or for land or property.

What a clearing session involves

Clearing any deceased personality attachments the person has or has picked up.
Clearing of active unhealthy patterns the person is currently aware of and working on.
Clearing of any psychic attacks or negative energetic influences the person is suffering from or has suffered from, and much more!

Sometimes when a person passes away and does not cross over properly (stays on the astral plane), they can attach to living people and this can cause many different health problems.

These problems can include:

Blackouts and memory lapses

Major negative personality changes

Extreme emotional outbursts

Prolonged depression or anxiety

Suicidal tendencies and thoughts.

Dependency on drugs or alcohol.

What can be included:

The person can be sent healing for financial issues and health issues.
Healing for finding healthier relationships or partner, or healing current relationships.
Healing for healthier self-image or self-esteem.
There are many requests that can be included. These are discussed in the consultation before the clearing is done.

Please note - As with all Chloe's holistic services, clearings are kept completely private and confidential. Please also be aware that Chloe advocates a balanced approach to all her healing services. Please work with your GP and family doctor as well as part of any recovery plan.

To Make a booking:

Chloe is located in Ireland. To enquire about a distance clearing or land clearing, please fill out the contact form here: Booking Form

Or please contact Chloe:

Irish mobile: 083 8003809

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Distance Clearings will be charged at the following guide line rates. You can contact Chloe for a direct quote obligation free, before booking in.

Between €200 to €400 depending on requests and issues present and how many people will be included in the Clearing work. This price includes full report that is emailed to you once work has been complete.

Example: family of four requests Clearing work for all of them plus their house and land. All work done including report would be €400 approximately.

For just individual sessions in person or Distance, the fee is €50.

For those who feel that they just want a house blessing and the energies cleared and realigned, Chloe offers Buddhic Column work for land and property at €70. The work takes 1 hour and is done remotely from the provided address and a photo of the property and land. This a popular request for helping land or property to sell.

Chloe teaches land and people clearing techniques. Her courses are fully certified.

To attend either of these training courses, you must have minimum completed phase one of the Rainbow Bridge meditation techniques: Rainbow Bridge Phase One

Information on the Basic and Intermediate Buddhic Column classes (basics of clearing land and people) is listed here on her website: Buddhic Column Workshops

Information on Chloe’s fully certified Esoteric Aura Clearing Course is listed here: Esoteric Aura Clearing Course

This is a three levelled training course that is a stand-alone technique or can be incorporated into your current energy healing work or practise. To enquire please fill out an enquiry form: Enquiry Form