Ray Path Healing by Chloe Folan
Ray Path Healing

Ray Path Healing Technique:

(Private one on one meditation sessions)

Month/Class 1:
Earth star healing; for deepening your connection to the earth (earth, air, fire and water) and to your personality. Gaia is connected with for grounding and personal integration work.

Month/Class 2:
Base centre healing; For healing tribal ties and clearing work with Archangel Gabriel.

Month/Class 3:
Sacral centre healing; For aiding in releasing co-dependency and balancing needs and wants. Archangel Haniel is worked with to create better and healthier emotional rhythm and flow with life.

Month/Class 4:
Solar plexus healing; For aiding with better self-esteem and clarity on life path direction. Archangel Uriel is worked with for peace and guidance.

Month/Class 5:
Heart centre healing; For aiding with better self-image. Archangel Chamuel is worked with to heal your relationship with your personal self and others. 

Month/Class 6:
Throat centre healing; For finding your voice and healing expression. Archangel Michael is worked with for powerful cellular and Akashic record healing work.

Month/Class 7:
Third eye centre healing; For healing future fears and worries that could be holding you back in life. Archangel Raphael is worked with to help make your life Path smoother.

Month/Class 8:
Crown centre healing; For healing any past-life vows you believe could be negatively impacting your current lifetime. Archangel Zadkiel is worked with for this powerful release work.

Month/Class 9:
Soul Star centre healing; Deep soul retrieval work is done. Your Solar Angel and connection to your Solar Angel is strengthened and improved.

All sessions include receiving a detailed and illustrated aftercare booklet that outlines and covers all work done during your private session. The booklet also includes further meditation work you can do at home to further to capitalize on the session. You are also given a mini three card angel card reading during your session. 

These sessions last approximately two hours each.

Cost is €80 per session or €720 for booking the whole Ray Path Healing Angel Meditations Course.

You are free to book in to do as many or as few classes as you would like. You do not have to do all 9 centres (chakras). If you book the full course or more than one Ray Path Healing session, each class is given at least one month apart. 

Sessions are available via Skype or Zoom. Please make sure that you have a working internet connection and Skype or Zoom account. 

Please contact Chloe directly to book in or for further information:

Chloe ✨
Irish Mobile +353 (0)83 800 3809
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