Text overlaid on circular rainbow image - Specialised accension readings and initiation guidance sessions available in person or by Skype.
Esoteric Aura Readings

Chloe Folan - Clairvoyant, provides specialised and in depth Esoteric Aura Readings and Akashic Record Readings.

Her readings include; the condition of the central channel, the threads of the antahkarana, the development of the Heart centre petals, your Ray makeup, external and internal patterns, if you have built to the soul, Triad or Monad.

For those advanced in esoteric matters and meditation, Chloe can offer reading information on your Ray Path.

Chloe can also clairvoyantly see what internal and external patterns are active and currently effecting you. She can also provide, within these readings what past life is having the most current effect. If you are mainly interested in past life readings, a separate Akashic Record reading should be booked.

These readings can also include career advice and relationship queries. Direction can also be given on what esoteric meditations are or will have the best effect for the individual using them.

Readings are provided in person, via Skype or phone. Please contact Chloe directly to book in.