Chloe Folan - Clairvoyant
Chloe Folan - Clairvoyant

Rainbow Bridge Reading - fully Certified Course - Commencing July 2019!

With successful completion of this course, you will be awarded a certificate in Advanced Esoteric Aura Reading. You will be able to apply for professional holistic insurance with this qualification. 

The Rainbow Bridge Reading Course (formally called Rainbow Bridge Divination) is suitable for students who are able to self study and self motivate. Full support is given during and after the course, however you must put in the effort yourself to study the course material and practise the development exercises given. This course is suitable for those who are able to demonstrate emotional and mental maturity, as well as personal and professional conduct. Full attendance of all 10 days is required for full certification to be awarded. No exceptions. 
Part of this course teaches the following; Reading and perceiving the central channel, accurate interpretation of internal and external patterns, perception and interpretation of the antahkarana threads, heart centre petals, interpreting and reading someone's Ray makeup and much more. This course aims to deepen and hone your inner vision skills, in reading and interpreting esoteric phenomena. The bulk of the information taught is available nowhere else except through this course. 
This is a highly dynamic and inspirational course, run over 10 days over approximately 5 months. This is a multidenominational course (non religious). People from all belief systems, or no belief system and all walks of life are welcome to apply. 
This is a ground breaking new course and is available nowhere else in the world. This course has been run privately and annually, for 3 years. This year will be this courses 4th year of being facilitated.  
It is essential that you have prior knowledge and experience in other metaphysical courses or another holistic field of training. While you do not have to be actively working or have a career in this area to be considered for enrolment, prior personal experience and minimum certification in a similar field of study, is essential. Such as certification in Reiki, I.E.T, Shamanic training, psychology, counselling Dip or cert. ITEC or certified training in massage therapy, reflexology, homeopathy etc. Any completed training with a recognised Holistic or metaphysical school will be sufficient. 
You must have properly completed Phase One of The Rainbow Bridge Techniques. If you have not already progressed onto Phase Two of the techniques, you will be required too, part way through this course. 
During the course, you will be asked to keep other meditation practises to a minimum and make Rainbow Bridge meditation techniques your priority, as well as the development exercises given. 
Any form of recreational drug use or excessive alcohol consumption is strictly forbidden during this course. 
This course is not suitable to attend while pregnant or if you are receiving treatment for any type of serious mental or emotional disorder or illness. 
If you are unsure if you meet the minimum requirements, please don't hesitate to contact me. All queries are welcome and treated with full confidentiality. A full course synopsis of course content will only be issued to appropriate candidates, who are genuinely interested in attending. 
Before being offered a place and given a course synopsis, you will be required to fill out and send back a registration form, which helps assess your possible suitability for this course. 
This course requires suitability of candidates, over quantity. Big numbers are not sought out for this course. There will only be a maximum of 8 students taken for this course. This course is always in high demand.
Commencing July 2019  - contact for dates if you are genuinely interested. If you need the Rainbow Bridge Phase One techniques please let me know? There are tentative plans to facilitate Phase One workshops or at least introduction talks in March 2019. 
Chloe has published extracts from the course which is currently being edited as a book. Not all details on the course will be released in the book of the same name.  Below are two articles that are samples of the information that will be taught. Chloe was the first to document and record The Rainbow Bridge Building Stages which is a study and perception of the science of antahkarana thread weaving. She is a leading expert in this field of expertise which gives her a unique ability to be able to teach and guide others to perceive esoteric aura phenomena as well.
If you are interested in deepening your abilities to perceive this type of esoteric phenomena and learning correct interpretation and meaning, that is what this course is about. Please contact Chloe for further details. This is only the tip of the ice-berg of information taught. 

Please contact me at 083 800 3809

Blessings, Chloe ✨