Lemurian Planetary Healing Workshop
Lemurian Planetary Healing Workshop

Lemurian Planetary Healing Online Classes

Work covered: 

  • About the Lemurian era and Lemurian beings.
  • Lemurian crystals and how to connect and work with Lemurian crystals for earth, Group and self healing. 
  • Connecting and working with unicorns and unicorn energy.
  • Working with the energy of the cosmic heart of the universe and mother Mary. 
  • Connecting to constellations, planets and stars linked with the Lemurian era. 

Aims of these classes:

Deepening your connection to Lemurian crystals and your ability to co create and work with them. 

Reclaiming and integrating Lemurian wisdom and abilities. 

Experience receiving deep Lemurian healing energies and how to direct this powerful healing energy to people, locations and the planet. 

Deepening your knowledge of the Lemurian era and purpose of Lemurian cycles. 

And much more! 

If all classes are completed you will be issued a CPD certificate that you can ad to your professional portfolio. 

You will need:

 - A working internet connection and Zoom or Skype account. 

 - A Lemurian crystal to work with for all classes that you take. Lemurian crystals can be purchased directly from Chloe at extra cost or you can source and purchase your own before the class begins. 

Classes cost €60 per class and are given one on one unless group online work is requested. You can take as many or as few classes as you like. 

Classes can vary from person to person. Usually it takes between six to eight classes once a month to cover all meditation, visualisation and theory work. 

For further information, queries or questions please contact Chloe:


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