Antahkarana Thread Weaving
Antahkarana Thread Weaving

The following article on "The Stages of Rainbow Bridge Building", has been released as an FAQ article, in response to helping people better understand the intricate process of Antahkarana thread weaving.

Stages of Building the Rainbow Bridge

Documented by Chloe Folan

Opening remarks: The terms and descriptions used in these blogs and my book have no connection to any pre-existing fundamental esoteric turns of phrase. While there are some overlaps and similarities, there are differences as well.

To prevent any confusion with any pre-existing terms you might have used or been taught, I’m adding a summary and glossary to start the explanation process.


Aura layers 1-7: the seven main layers of the human aura.

There are seven chakras, or energy centres, in the human body (base to crown). There are also four energy centres above the main seven. Three of these are in the human aura (soul star, triad, and monad) and one is outside of and above the seven aura layers (the ray path).

Soul star: located above the human head in the third layer of the aura in the early stages of the Rainbow Bridge Building process.  

Triad energy centre: located above the soul star. The triad has three energy points and extends across three aura layers. The three aura layers that the triad spreads out across are aura layers 4, 5, and 6.

The aura layers of the triad points are as follows:

  • Abstract mind point: fifth aura layer (green)
  • Triad lower mind point: fourth aura layer (red)
  • Triad son of mind point: sixth aura layer (indigo)

The monad is located above the triad energy centre in the seventh layer of the aura. This centre contains the monadic threads of love (indigo), activity (green), and will (red). As we work through the stages of building the Rainbow Bridge, these monadic threads link with and through the triad points, soul star, heart centre petals, and link up with the lower portion of the Rainbow Bridge threads.

The ray path is the self-contained sphere of energy located above the monadic energy centre. This centre contains the original contracts in relation to the person’s service and path.

The heart centre petals unfold as the Rainbow Bridge threads weave and thicken, which prompts the petals to unfold in a sequenced rhythm governed by the person’s ray makeup.

The five Rainbow Bridge threads are two soul threads (head and heart) and three personality threads: service (green), love (indigo), and knowledge (orange).

There are seven rays (red, indigo, green, yellow, orange, blue and violet)

In the ray makeup, the person’s personality ray, soul ray, triad ray, monadic ray, and potential ray path are all taken into account:  

  • Personality ray: The ray colour that dominates the personality aura.
  • Soul ray: The ray that pours vertically down from the soul star.
  • Triad ray: The ray colour present in the triad.
  • Monadic ray: The ray colour present in the monadic centre.

The Solar Angel is the higher self and is composed of the energy centres that exist outside the human body:

  • The soul star: the feet of your Solar Angel
  • The triad: The stomach of your Solar Angel
  • The monad: The head of your Solar Angel
  • The ray path: The Solar Angel’s soul star.

Rainbow Bridge threads are the five Antahkarana threads.

The Rainbow Bridge techniques are also known as The Soul Star Clearing techniques. This technique was developed by the late Josephine and Norman Stevens.

The Rainbow Bridge Building stages are Antahkarana thread weaving stages.


Summary of the State of Building the Rainbow Bridge

There are ten stages that it is possible to reach at this point in time in humanity’s development and evolutionary potential. The last two stages, however, are vague, and I have no case studies for them.


Building the Rainbow Bridge

Stage 1

The soul to head thread extends down from the soul star, through the central channel, and anchors into the head. This happens at the physical birth of a baby when the first breath is taken, and it stimulates the tiny thin beginning of the central channel and the gradual opening of the three physical plane petals in the heart centre, which open one at a time. Most often, this opening takes the whole of an adult life to achieve, unless a person undertakes a technique that removes and heals external and internal patterns.

Stage 2

The soul to heart thread now extends down from the soul star and anchors into the heart. This triggers the three astral plane petals in the heart centre to open one at a time. When the two soul threads (head and heart) are anchored and all six heart-centre petals open, this marks being fully built to the soul star energy centre.

Most adults on the planet have the soul to head thread fully built, the soul-to- heart thread partly built, and three to five heart centre petals open. Most

adults look like this to me until they do deeper work to start removing external and internal patterns. The removal, or resolution, of external and internal patterns builds the light body and speeds up the process of antahkarana thread weaving and heart centre petal opening. Until they start removing external and internal patterns, most people reach only the first stage of Rainbow Bridge building. They become stuck there and can struggle to reach the second stage. But when I give the Rainbow Bridge or Ray Path Healing techniques to people, they can fully reach the second stage. Working with either Rainbow Bridge Phase One or Ray Path Healing Phase One enables a person to fully build to their soul star, and even to start building to their triad chakra (stage 3).

Stage 3

Now the personality service thread starts weaving up from the solar plexus, through the central channel, through the soul star, to link with the abstract mind point in the triad energy centre, the energy centre above the soul star. This weaving triggers the opening, one at a time, of the three mental plane petals in the heart centre. Three threads woven, plus nine petals open in the heart centre, indicate that the person has built to the triad energy centre in their aura. At this stage, there are only core external patterns and internal patterns remaining.

Properly reducing external and internal patterns causes the threads to weave and the heart centre petals to open in a sequenced rhythm. I have found that the Rainbow Bridge techniques are flawless for removing external and internal patterns. Without the Rainbow Bridge or Ray Path techniques, people would remain stuck just short of properly completing stage 2.

I have seen that other techniques have helped some people to reach stage 3 or come near to stage 4, but they get stuck there. When I check or ask about this, I learn that it has usually taken the person fifteen to twenty years of repeated use of other esoteric techniques to reach stage 3, or get near to stage 4, of building the Rainbow Bridge.

In contrast, I have seen the Rainbow Bridge and Ray Path Healing techniques get people to stage 3 in only two or three years.

Stage 4

The personality love thread now begins to weave. This is the first monadic thread. It starts where the soul to heart thread is anchored, weaves up from the heart centre through the triad son of mind point, links with the monadic love-wisdom thread, and then runs back down to the earth star. The personality love thread triggers the three spiritual plane heart centre petals to open one at a time. When the personality love thread is woven and twelve petals are open in the heart centre, this completes stage 4. A person is now built to the monadic energy centre in the aura.

If the Rainbow Bridge or Ray Path techniques continue to be used to keep the external vehicles clear, no external patterns will remain. From this point on, it is mainly internal patterns that are being refined and broken down.

Stage 5

The personality knowledge thread now starts to weave. This thread begins in the trigeminal nerve in the brain, extends up through the soul star, flows through the lower mind point in the triad, links with the monadic will thread, and continues up to the ray path. This triggers the opening of the four mystery petals in the heart.

At this point, the internal patterns have been greatly reduced and refined. Five threads are now woven, although the service thread still needs to be completed. A five-rayed soul star shines above the person’s head. The triad and the monad have become fused. The twelve heart-centre petals are all open, plus the four inner revealed petals of monadic force. This signals that the person has built to the ray path and has completed stage 5.

Stage 6

All the energy centres from base to crown now go silver, one by one in no particular order, although the base centre usually goes silver first. Original trauma points, genetic memories, and unresolved karmic debts are being healed. The ray path chakra now starts to ground (descend) into the auric field and envelope the aura as the second portion of the service thread is completed. At the end of Stage 6, all energy centres are silver and the ray path is “grounded.” The twelve outer heart centre petals dissolve, leaving the inner four. The ray path symbol covers the entire aura. The energy field resembles a snow globe with the five-rayed soul star shining brightly above the head like a beacon. The person now starts to live out their original contracts. As long as the Rainbow Bridge work is kept up, no external patterns will remain, and only refined internal pattern work will need to be carried forward.

Stage 7

At this stage, all the energy centres go a fiery gold-orange-red colour. Because there are no heavy internal patterns to work on, continued internal Rainbow Bridge work refines the hormones and natural chemical processes in the human body. The final four mystery petals can still be seen, and the five-rayed soul star still shines above the head. This stage leads to what I call “esoteric freedom.” When this point is fully reached, everything that happens to you is fully your choice; outer circumstances no longer dictate your choices. It is important to remember, however, that you cannot control everything that happens to you.

Stage 8

Each energy centre, one by one, now begins to form a black spiral vortex. All other phenomena stay the same. This stage shows that the person has the ability to bring in impressions from the next solar system, intuitive knowledge that is related to the person’s ray path and ray makeup.

Stage 9

After over 10 years of documenting case studies, I now have a small handful of people going through stage 9. The chakras go white and “shine” one by one. The white ray of unity conditions this stage. It can be seen pouring down from the five-rayed soul star and through the central channel. The third portion of the consciousness thread anchors in the throat chakra.

Stage 10

As there are no case studies, I have only intimations of what lies ahead and how stage 10 may manifest. From the hints that I have seen with clairvoyant inner vision, I believe that this stage is conditioned by the seven rays and evokes a continual downpour of rainbow fire from soul star to earth star, through the wide central channel. The Stevens offer a cryptic description in their first Rainbow Bridge book. They interpret this stage as the manifestation of spirit in matter; the person has become a conscious member of hierarchy.

There is also a vertical linkage symbolized and implemented by the Central Vertical Channel, and the sum total of these individual linkages constitutes the planetary vertical linkage called the Rainbow Bridge or the Planetary Antahkarana. Each incarnated Soul has a thread of this bridge, of this spiritual energy-substance, tiny and invisible except to the highest inner vision. When expanded by meditation and the techniques of clearing, it becomes a permanent channel filled with a continual downpour of a shimmering rainbow-like energy, and it is of immeasurable service to humanity and to Hierarchy. (The Rainbow Bridge Phase One, page 82)

I believe it is also possible that the five-rayed soul star becomes six-rayed, as the love-wisdom umbilical cord coming out of the middle of the five-rayed soul star dissolves, leaving a sixth spoke of cosmic love. When I first started to document the results of the Rainbow Bridge techniques over ten years ago, I believed that, at the current point in human evolution, the final two stages (9 and 10) could not be reached. After nine years of case studies, I had not seen anyone beyond stage 8. However, in the last ten years, collective evolution has pushed the boundaries of what can be achieved. In 2021 and 2022, I started to document more people reaching stage 8 and starting into stage 9 of building the Rainbow Bridge. This is a milestone and a huge win for the collective human family, and it has a big positive knock-on effect for the entire chain of evolution in this indigo triangle system. I would like to say that, no matter what higher stage of Rainbow Bridge building one reaches, everyone still has to eat, sleep, wash, pay bills, work, socialize, etc. But I do believe that I am observing an enforced evolutionary process and an expansion in consciousness. Below is a colour plate that illustrates the links between the soul star, triad, and monad energy centres. The ray path symbol above the monad is deliberately omitted. This plate shows a stage 3 builder starting the work of the fourth stage. (All content and images are copyright protected © by Chloe Folan.)

All content and images are copyright protected

© Chloe Folan