Building the Rainbow Bridge
Building the Rainbow Bridge

We are living in a time of global crisis. The way we have treated our planet, each other and ourselves is being reflected back to us in the large pattern of events and current upheavals. We are forced to recognise that we are not separate from nature, but cells within the body of planet Earth. And that despite the inequalities, the differences, the sometimes polarised beliefs and perspectives that separate us, we are one humanity. The suffering or marginalisation of any of us affects us all. Our personal evolution is not some separate individual process but integral with our ancestral line, group relationships and soul lineage. For the soul is group conscious. We each contribute to the forward movement of the whole. At this time on the cusp of the Aquarian Age, we are becoming aware of our interconnectedness.

It can be hard to be here now when there is so much conflict, fear, mistrust and confusion. Perhaps the greatest thing we can accomplish is to fully show up in our lives, and do what we each uniquely came here to do.

However, none of us arrive completely intact and capable. We all carry external and internal patterns that need to be cleared before we can become the transparent vessel for the light of the soul to shine through into the world.

In a way these patterns that we come in with are our gift, as they mark out the economy within which we have agency, and are the very things that fuel our individual contribution to the transformation of the human constitution. Only then can the divine blueprint that underlies the evolutionary development of human consciousness come into manifestation. Embodiment through the personal vehicles is required. Being in incarnation offers us this opportunity. Deeper clearing work and the prompting of deeper evolution individually and collectively can only mainly be achieved while physically alive. We are literally redeeming the matter of our bodies, heightening our vibration, and this is of benefit to the whole.

Etheric body

Key to the process of clearing our external and internal patterns is an understanding of the etheric body. It is through the medium of the etheric body that the soul animates and impresses the personality. Generally speaking all healing occurs through the etheric body, which is the first layer of the aura, interpenetrating and animating the physical body and extending a little way out from the physical.

The several layers of the aura have been recognised in many spiritual traditions. According to the Ageless Wisdom these are the layers of the Cosmic Physical Plane within which we have our existence. The central axis, the channel that runs along the spine interconnecting the seven main centres (chakras) of the body and their associated glands, forms the inner architecture for our clearing and integration work.

Rainbow Bridge (antahkarana)

As personalities we inhabit the physical-etheric, astral and mental planes. However, we are multi-dimensional beings with a wider field of existence. We perceive ourselves to be separate physical beings because our consciousness does not extend further than the mind (the mental plane), and most of us are polarised in the emotional body (astral plane). Even so, the potential for us to realise our true nature is always there as the soul (the causal body) has its existence on the higher mental plane, and from birth the Soul Star overlights the personality.

The reason we are not in touch with our full nature in the early stages of our development is due to the gap that exists between the personality, the soul and the Triad. [1] To bridge this gap in awareness requires the building of the Rainbow Bridge (the antahkarana).

The lower portion of the Rainbow Bridge is built between the lower concrete mind and the soul. Then the upper portion can be built between the soul and the Triad. So in the course of our evolution we eventually become conscious as the Triad (on the higher mental, buddhic and atmic planes), and as the Monad.

The Rainbow Bridge is built through meditation and proper effective karmic imbalance resolution techniques.

Clearing & balancing

The blueprint for all the threads of the Rainbow Bridge is there at birth, but have to be re-woven one at a time. Most babies at the time of birth with the first breath receive the soul to head thread from the overlighting solar angel, which is the first portion of the Consciousness thread. For most people it is not until the mid-teens or early twenties that the soul to heart thread, which is the first portion of the Life thread or Sutratma, starts to weave and thicken properly. This takes most of one's adult life to achieve and most people stay somewhere around this second stage of Rainbow Bridge building unless an evolution enforcement technique is connected with. So, organically it has taken this long in human evolution to reach just short of stage two or somewhere there by the time of adulthood when talking about the general population. Proper clearing techniques are then needed to prompt deeper evolution development, otherwise that's where personal development stays no matter how long the person lives.

If proper evolution enforcement techniques are utilised, the personality threads (Service, Love and Knowledge) then weave upwards to the higher celestial chakras (Triad, Monad and Ray Path). This is the start of the Path of Return, the response of the personality to the soul. The Life thread is interwoven to become part of the antahkarana and all the threads interweave and strengthen as personality evolution and the integration between the personality and soul occur.

However, for this process of building the Rainbow Bridge to properly begin in the first place, the channel through the chakras along the spine in the etheric, astral and mental bodies must be cleared and widened. Then for the Rainbow Bridge to be properly built to best effect, the work of healing the external and internal patterns we carry and resolving karmic imbalances must be done. For many of us, this clearing and balancing is our lifetime’s work.

One of the great contributions of this booklet is that it introduces the Soul Star Clearing Techniques (The Rainbow Bridge Techniques). These are meditative techniques which can enable us to do our clearing and balancing work more rapidly and more successfully than has perhaps been possible so far through our own past and present efforts. This booklet provides the context for the right use of the Soul Star Clearing Techniques and as well the key to their correct practical application depending our stage of evolution. This work might guide us towards the healing and well-being of the physical-etheric body, discarding outworn habits; releasing old emotional conditioning, complexes, imbalances and trauma; uncluttering the mind of outdated thoughtforms. The work of integration is done to heal cleavages between these bodies, and between the personality and the soul.

Stages on the path

The process of clearing and balancing the bodies is our main work until a fairly advanced stage of evolution from the perspective of most of us, when we have cleared and released our imbalanced karma. In many teachings the stages reached on the path are referred to as initiations, however this word has become surrounded with the glamour of spiritual achievement as if they could be claimed by the personality. In fact each stage is reached when the bodies consistently vibrate at the appropriate frequency.

How do we know which stage we are at? This has been a vital question for meditators and students for millennia. Although we might think it would be evident from a person’s astrological chart how far along the path they are, for instance, this is not so. The accurate interpretation of the chart according to the stage of evolution can only be obtained through the intuition of the astrologer. [2]

There is much glamour around the initiations as it is very easy to mistake a lower stage for a higher one. This is because the path itself is not linear and direct. High points are inevitably followed by lows as we traverse a range marking out our current evolutionary bandwidth. Progress is in fact spiral cyclic as we recapitulate to ground each stage further into the bodies. There are smaller cycles within larger cycles that mirror backward and forward.

Our stage on the path has to do with where we have our identification. Developing soul consciousness is the first stage of becoming no longer identified as the separated personality. So that we have just enough distance from our personality selves to address those patterns that are creating a barrier to deeper soul integration. In this world of duality the personality is a vital part, the instrument of the soul on the material planes. Without it we would have no effect. It is a matter of making the personality a more finely tuned instrument.

Diagrammatically the antahkarana is vertical and our forward movement upward, but in truth the more we move up to Spirit the deeper we must go down into Matter. While we are incarnate we do not ascend to the spiritual planes and attempt to leave earthly existence behind. Becoming more fully integrated includes being able to deal appropriately with all the practical issues of everyday life and with all our relationships. The imbalances of the physical-etheric, emotional and mental bodies must be addressed for us to come more fully into embodiment. The stages of building of the Rainbow Bridge are a dynamic and complex process as threads extend upward and downward, divide, join up and weave around each other, as described in detail in this booklet. Eventually the monadic spark becomes fully anchored in the heart centre.

The Seven Rays and clairvoyant vision

One of the gifts of this booklet is that it not only describes in detail the stages of building the Rainbow Bridge but also provides a way to determine quite exactly where on the path we could be. Clairvoyant vision is the key which is generally not available to most of us, unless we are trained to develop it.

What can be clairvoyantly seen are the colours of the Seven Rays, which form the totality of the manifested universe. [3] They emanate from great cosmic Lives (Logoi), conditioning all solar and planetary lives. In our solar system they are the energies of our Solar Logos, the great being manifest on the physical-etheric plane as our Sun. In turn the Rays make up the energies and substance of our planetary Logos, planet Earth. As above, so below. The human being is a microcosmic expression of these great energies.

The Seven Rays and their usually assigned exoteric colours:

Rays of Aspect

1. The Ray of Will, or Power (Red)

2. The Ray of Love-Wisdom (Indigo)

3. The Ray of Activity or Adaptability (Green)

Rays of Attribute

4. The Ray of Harmony, Beauty, Art, or Unity (Yellow)

5. The Ray of Concrete Knowledge or Science (Orange)

6. The Ray of Abstract Idealism or Devotion (Blue)

7. The Ray of Ceremonial Magic, or Law (Violet)

The colours of the Rainbow Bridge are the visual expression of the energetic frequencies of Spirit manifesting through etheric matter.

There has not generally been a way to discover one’s ray make-up, except perhaps through honest self-assessment according to the characteristics and glamours of each ray.

The colours of the personality, soul, triad and monad are a person’s ray make-up. Likewise the colours of the threads of the Rainbow Bridge, as well as the colours of the petals of the chakras corresponding to each layer (plane) of the aura, and the order in which the petals open. Through clairvoyant vision this can all be seen, as well as the strength of the threads and their stage of development.

We each belong to a soul group (ashram) according to our ray type. So knowing our rays can help us to be more aware of our purpose and service on planet Earth. The Aquarian Age is the age of group work and cooperative leadership. Recognising our soul group, those in incarnation and the ashram to which we belong, is key.

The Second Ray and the heart centres

In the larger solar cycle, the first incarnation of this solar system was on the Third Ray (green), a Ray of manifestation. We are currently in the second incarnation of our solar system, on the Second Ray of Love Wisdom, a ray of synthesis. The central chakra of the heart is the centre of synthesis. The Life thread is anchored in the heart, and so Will comes through Love.

Although the Rainbow Bridge is vertical and our evolution is both upward and outward simultaneously, it is also ‘inward’, into the unfoldment of the heart chakra petals on each ring and into the heart of being. Intuition comes from the plane of buddhi through the soul and the brain to the heart. [4] Buddhi is at the heart of every atom and all centres are interconnected, and so in this Second Ray solar system, the path is through the heart.

Our many definitions of ‘love’ are informed by our polarisation on the astral plane. On the buddhic plane love is “pure reason”. [5] We are growing into this perception.

The Life thread comes through the heart and the Consciousness thread comes through the head. The synthesis of heart and mind, buddhi and manas, occurs through the interweaving threads of the Rainbow Bridge.

There are heart ring centres on all levels (spirals) up to the monadic, and when all are open and the bridge has been fully built, the ray path will become clear. This is a very advanced stage well beyond most of us in our current lifetimes. These are paths for those who have achieved full self-mastery.

Ray cycles and the human constitution

The great Ray Lives have their own long cycles of incarnation, occurring at different frequencies and rhythms over manvantara (world periods). In our solar system all the rays are sub-rays of the Second Ray. The next solar system will be on the First Ray (red) the First Ray of Will and Power, however that ray has not yet fully come into incarnation, so does not yet play a major role at this point in time. Due to this the red ray is also rarely apart of someone’s ray make up.

The Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict is the ray that rules the human kingdom, which is the fourth kingdom of nature. Therefore the fourth ray (coloured yellow) is often prominent in our make-up and development. We are evolving into the fifth kingdom of nature, the kingdom of souls.

On the cusp of the Age of Aquarius the Sixth Ray is passing out of incarnation, and the Seventh Ray (coloured violet) is coming in. The planetary ruler of the sign of Aquarius is Uranus, a planet of manifestation. Uranus acts as a lightning bolt from heaven to earth, a bolt of inspiration grounding new ideas and ways of being, seeding the future in the present moment. The Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Magic and Organisation is revolutionary and synthetic. It heralds the start of a new era.

Free will and self-consciousness

The building of the Rainbow Bridge as outpictured in this booklet in such detail, requires the self-discipline and creativity of the personality, as well as a surrender into grace. It is both a fulfilment of our birthright and an act of service. The crises of these times have the potential to quicken human evolution or keep human cycles collectively locked in the reiteration of old wounds. Each of us has free will to decide to fulfil our soul potential. The soul is already in contract with the lords of Karma before coming into incarnation about the point of evolution we are intended to reach, depending on the amount of karma to be worked through. However, through proper techniques that enforce evolution you can transform where your “script” is wounded and therefore continue to transcend and evolve beyond your pre-set potential.

“According to the Law of Karma, any cause will produce effects which stand as an incomplete record of purpose and activity until fulfilled as intended by precipitation into form. Since these thoughtforms represent karma to be worked out by the individual, the elimination of these forms from the field of the disciple can save lifetimes of incarnated effort. The processes of elimination described in this book justify our statement that karma can be changed or neutralised. The right techniques, in combination with the power of the Soul, can cause these thoughtforms to disintegrate and disappear, releasing creative energy to be stored in the Causal field.” [6]

The capacity of self-consciousness is unique to the human kingdom, due to the gift of individualised consciousness from the solar angels. This realm of duality is one of being and becoming. On the monadic level we are already fully evolved and the planet is already saved. But in the physical world of time and space with all its glamours and illusions, humanity is the feedback loop of consciousness that drives planetary evolution. Your celestial triad chakra is a lower reflection of your monad and your personality is an “imperfect” reflection of your triad. The reason for the “imperfection” owing to the external and internal imbalanced karma that reincarnates with each personality. To embody reflecting your triad on a higher “level” here in the physical the lower bodies of the personality must be redeemed or in today’s language, cleared.

“… the mysteries are revealed and initiate powers are gained by changes in the vehicles and not by the accumulation of information “anent” the mysteries… the liberation of the Soul comes about when the matter of the vehicles is salvaged and not by the attaining of spiritual status, as usually understood.” [7]

Foreword written by Barbara Maré and Chloe Folan


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