Introduction to the Runes
Introduction to the Runes

Gavin Bone is facilitating this very comprehensive and deeply creative Introduction Course on the Runes.

I’m going myself and have been waiting for an opportunity to do one of Gavin's courses. 

If any of my students, clients, colleagues, peers or friends would like to attend as well (it’s online), please see all details in the shared post below and contact Gavin directly for further details or information! 👇✨

Introduction to the Runes

This online 8 Week Course starts in January 2024. Gavin can be contacted via email:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This is an eight week course designed to give you the basics in understanding the Elder Futhark Runes. There will be a lesson each week lasting approximately 2 hours on Zoom every Thursday from 7pm to 9pm GMT. At the end of this course you will know all you need to know to teach yourself and learn the Runes. 

This includes the ancient and modern history of the Runes, understanding the Runes; what they are (and aren't). Methods of learning the Runes; how to research bonafide sources including academics, ancient remains and the Rune Poems. Writing with the Runes. 

Divination methods including Casting and Runic Layouts. Understanding Wyrd and Orlog; the Northern European philosophies related to time and fate. Runic Magic basics, including Rune Scripts and Bind Runes. A look at the "other" Runes; the Anglo-Saxon, and Younger Futharks. 

Three Runes will be discussed in each lesson so that all 24 Runes are covered by the end of the course.

About Gavin Bone: Gavin has been studying Runes since 1984. He is more well known for his books on witchcraft, although his personal practise is that of Seith (Anglo-Saxon Shamanic practises) He has lectured online and internationally on the subject. He was an adjunct professor on Runes at the Woolson-Stein Wiccan Seminary, which is where this course was first taught.

Please feel free to contact him at his email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., if you have any questions on this course. The outline of the eight lessons is available on request.

The Facebook event link is here:


Chloe ✨ 

*I am currently on maternity leave and not available for readings, healing sessions or workshop classes until February 2024.*