Monthly open group meet ups
Monthly open group meet ups

During these new meditations that blend the Rainbow Bridge techniques and Ray Path Healing techniques (two modalities that Chloe teaches and offers teacher training in), we will experience and explore the following:

Self alignment (blending and unifying the lower and higher selves).

  • cleansing the personal self.
  • Defining our sacred space.
  • Connecting to a soul network of light.
  • Adding to building the planetary antahkarana.
  • Weaving in the high frequency energies of light, love and power into the golden network of light that surrounds planet earth.
  • Grounding high frequency light into mother earth's chakras. Ray Path healing chakra symbols and colours assist with this.
  • Receiving a blessing and healing to carry us in grace through our everyday lives.
  • Collectively and individually sealing and grounding the process.

These are public online meditations via Zoom. If you feel a soul and angelic calling to attend, please contact Chloe.

Cost: €13 per person. This includes receiving a copy of the meditation outline with newly created beautiful diagrams.

Please contact me through my website if you wish to join these monthly events: https://www.

Our next online group meditation is being held via Zoom on September 5th starting at 7:30 pm Irish time zone. Please contact me if you would like to join!


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