A message from Chloe Folan wishing Clients and Friends a Happy Christmas

Call me on 083 800 3809 or 087 312 9787 to make a Christmas/New Year booking!

Rainbow Bridge Phase Two Introduction title with rainbow over the horizon on the sea depicted.

This event is for those who have started Phase One of the Rainbow Bridge techniques or those who have completed Phase One.

Angel wings with a text overlay reading Angelic Realm Healing Mediations

Our final mini Angelic Realm Workshop for this year is on this Thursday 27th of October at 7:30pm.

Sun and rainbow corona background with text in foreground.

Chloe Folan - Clairvoyant, provides specialised and in depth esoteric aura readings and Rainbow Bridge progress readings.

Image of sunset with poem overlaid.

Well thank the universe for small favours and seeing the back of September is one of them!