A rainbow extending from the sky to the sea with Rainbow Bridge Meditation text overlaid.

Just a gentle reminder that group Rainbow Bridge Meditation will be held on Wednesday, September 21 st at 7:30pm.

Text overlaid on scene with a river flowing during sunset.

Happy Thors Day (Thursday) to all! We are currently in the New Moon Phase.

Angelic Realm Healing Meditation symbolism

For further information on Workshops please contact Chloe on 087 3129787  or 083 8003809 or e-mail: info@chloefolan.com

Overlooking colorful valley with flowers in the foreground and a dramatic skyline

Once there has been an initial discussion on what needs to be addressed with an individuals clearing session, a time is booked so the person is aware of when the distance clearing is being done. 

Aura portrait of a young woman

Color Plate Booklets (Aura Portraits)

As an artist and Clairvoyant, Chloe is able to provide color plates or aura portraits for people.