Ray Path Healing Technique
Ray Path Healing Technique

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What is the Ray Path Healing Technique?

Ray Path healing is an angelic approach to healing, clearing and integrating the personality bodies and energy centres (chakras). Chloe Folan is the creator of this technique that has been successfully utilised in group and private sessions with clients and students since 2013.

This is highly inspirational and personally enlightening technique for those who wish to deepen their connection to the angelic realms in a healthy manner to assist with:

  • Improving self-esteem.
  • Healing self-image. 
  • Finding your voice. 
  • Clarity over choices and life path direction.
  • And much more. 

For a full break down over Ray Path Healing classes and an outline over what each class works on, please see link here;


You can select individual classes or take the full course of classes.

Ray Path Healing sessions last approximately two hours (per class) and consist of three main guided meditations. Each session is also a mini class that teaches you the basics of the function of the energy centre you are working on and how that energy centre impacts your personality and daily life. You will also receive a personal mini angel card reading for uplifting messages from the angels. 

At the end of the session you are emailed a detailed and illustrated aftercare booklet with short meditation and visualisation exercises to use for a full month after your Ray Path Healing class. This helps you to capitalise on the healing received during the session. 

At the moment classes are only available one on one through Skype or Zoom.  

This technique is part inspired and part channelled through Chloe’s wealth of professional and personal experience as:

  • An active Atlantis and Lemurian workshop facilitator with The Diana Cooper School of White Light (DCSWL). 
  • An active Master Level I.E.T practitioner and workshop facilitator.
  • A senior workshop facilitator for The Rainbow Bridge Techniques and internationally recognised Clairvoyant progress checker for the techniques.

For more information about Ray Path Healing please see;



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